Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another fight with the Urinary Tract Infection

As i becoming older.. now in my mid 30s, i noticed that i easily get infected by unwanted things.
Last time it was vaginal infection.. now, it's the Urinary Tract Infection..huhuhu..
4 years back, i used to suffer a very severe urinary infection. My bladder was in pain most of the time, my urine felt like acid, it was seriously painful to urinate.. and what's more.. i felt the urge to urinate every 3 to 5 minutes...huhu...all medications including antibiotics that was prescribed to me by the doctor at clinics didn't work. So i was referred to the specialist at Subang Jaya Medical Center. The specialist took my blood and did abdominal scan on my bladder. Alhamdullillah.. after few days of medications from the specialist.... i finally recovered from the infection. I was lucky that the infection did not spread to other part of my abdomen.
The whole 2 weeks experience was such a nightmare. Ever since that day, i was always careful and take lots of precaution from getting the urine infection again.