Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Shocking news.. Giuliana Rancic and Breast Cancer

When i was browsing through some headlines in the online new today, my eyes stopped at the shocking latest news on Giuliana Rancic (The Star - Giuliana). She was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer!
She and hubby planned to go for the 3rd IVF when her doctor insisted her to do mammogram prior to the IVF treatment. She did and that's when she found out that she has breast cancer ;(

At this point, i can feel her sadness because my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer too. My mum was at level 2 and passed away 2 years after her first diagnose. ;(

I hope that Giuliana will have the courage to go through the cancer treatment. With lots of support and love from her hubby, family, frens and fans, i'm sure she will survive thru it and get cured from cancer ;).

Managed to find some youtube on this.

Well, there was lotsa debate on Guiliana's IVF treatment relations to breast cancer. Some said that the IVF treatment may have cause the cancer.
My say ..erm.. nowadays there are soo many things that can cause cancer.. In Giuliana case, maybe it's just a coincidence that she did IVF and got cancer.
Here are some article from the net on this.

For those who are looking forward to do IVF, is currently doing IVF..or have done IVF.. i hope this news will not put a stop for trying to conceive.

Chiow... jams

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My FET: Just the 2 of us..

 ** My theme song for this time would be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Do enjoy this song while you read thru the rest of this journey of mine ;)
 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My FET : The "Pampering" 2 WW

22 June - 3 July 2011

Yeeaahhh..it's pampering time again.
I took like 7 days of leave, which makes to 9 days of relaxing at home
...and the best part of it is
my hubby will be at home with me too for my 2 WW.
Well, actually my hubby got new job. So he needs to finish the balance of leave before he starts the new job. What a coincidence ;)
After the FET, Dr.P reminded me of loads to "Do and Don't't" for the 2 WW. I managed to wrote down some of them in my iPad so that i wont forgot what he said.

<-- All Do and Don'ts that i wrote using a stylus on my
       iPad. Such an ugly handwriting..hehe...


Thursday, June 30, 2011

My FET : The almost perfect day...FET Day

22 June 2011 (Wednesday)

"The moment i wake up, before i put on my make-up, i say a little pray for you... "

Who had watched the romantic movie, "My best friend's wedding" would know this very cheerful and
beautiful song. It was my all time favorite movie besides Titanic..hehe.
Well this is nothing to do with me going to anybody's wedding. It's just that the song reminds me how happy i was that day.. my F.E.T day, the almost perfect day. I was so overjoyed thinking of my day to finally be able to do the FET.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pitter Patter....

The first time i heard about this website was when i was given by Dr.P's staff, a flyer on the Pitter Patter workshop that will be held this weekend. It seems to be a good event for parent-to-be and parent with kids.
Unfortunately, i'm not able to join the workshop since i just had my FET. Since i'am so prone to get infected by illness, i dont think it would be a good idea for me to go the public ;).
I hope the workshop will be a successful one. Oh ye, the staff told me that Pitter Patter was initiated by two Gynae, one of which is Dr.Helena (hope i get her name correct). She a gynae at HUKM. I met her twice at KL Fertility when she was having attachment/training at the clinic, which i guess she's furthering her career in infertility too.

Here's the flyer i'm talking about. Oh, i just realised that the dateline for the booking was on 17 June 2011. Anyway, if you still interested to join, try to give them a call. Sure they can squeeze a seat or two for u.
For details of the workshop or tonnes of info on parenting, do visit their website http://pitterpatter.com.my

Me.. jams

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My FET : Finally... The FET is on ;)

19 June 2011 (Sunday)
Unlike previous attempt, this round, doctor asked me to start my Ovulation Test as early as Day-10. Just in case i ovulated earlier than expected (Last cycle, my period is shorter than normal..it's only 26 days...ermmm no wonder i missed my ovulation day)

Friday, June 3, 2011

My FET: Déjà vu

"Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined."

Ahaa.. why is it a Déjà vu ? Well...this round... i did not make it again, just like last time..huhu. So.. i felt like i'm having the  Déjà vu  again and again, except that mine is not imagined. Dont know why, something's not right with the development of my follicles and uterus lining.
When the doctor did a scan on my Day-12, it seems all ok. But somehow, when i did my ovulation test.. for more than 4 days.. there was only a very blur / hardly seen line.. first i thought my period would delayed again this cycle.. but to my dissappointment when the doctor did a scan on Day-16, he was also surprised that i actually have ovulated. He said, this is not a good cycle to do FET because i've ovulated without a good LH surge.. (something like that la.. hehe.. can't really remember what he said.. cannot concentrate much because i was a bit upset at that time.. ;) ).
So... i have another cycle to try. If next cycle, my condition is still the same ie.. not able to do my FET... i may need to postpone it after Fasting month.... sighhh

It took me sometime to update this blog because ....
1. Just want to put a break for a while on this TTC thingy. Looking at my blog, TTC forum etc.. make me upset a bit as it reminded me on my failed attempt for FET  ;)
2. I'm too carried away with my new baby.. hehe.. not a real baby.. it's actually my new gadget - ipad2.. so after this it would be easier for me to update my blog.. ;P (kunun2 nyer la.) .
3. Also get carried away with my new obsession.. online handbag shopping.. yeahh.. suke tgk2 jer.. beli nyer tak jugak.. berangan aje..

My phylosophy of the day
Do you know that day dreaming or "berangan2" is one way to make your life happier... ;).. This also works for me to reduce my work pressure.. So. frens..let's start day dreaming.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My FET : No luck again this time

22 April 2011 - Friday (Day 15)
Once i got up from bed in the morning, i did the Ovulation Test as per doctor's instruction.
After a few minutes, a blur line came out. So, it's a negative ;(

23 April 2011 - Saturday (Day 16)
Again, first thing in the morning, i did the test. (Oh ya, i set a reminder every morning to ensure that i don't forget to do the test ;).. the older i become, the more difficult to remember so many thing eh).
This time, i anxiously waited for the result..why?? last cycle, on Day 16, i got the clear 2 lines. So, i'm expecting i would get the same result. 1 minute...2 minute... 3 minute.... the line still blur.. Ohh..
I waited for 15 minutes.. it seems hopeless.. ;(.
I guess i'm not be getting the clear line this time.
Meaning, i need to go to the clinic to do another scanning.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My FET : The 1st Appointment again

19 April 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 12 

Same as last month, my appointment was set on Day 12, which is on 19 April 2011. 
Since the appointment was at 10am, both of us did not take annual leave, just a time slip.(jimat cuti..hehe). As usual, Dr.P scanned my uterus. Unlike me previous scanning, this time it was a bit different. 
Why ?? This time, to my surprise, when i was lying on the bed, waiting for the doctor to start the scanning, i heard Dr.P was talking to somebody..telling that person to stand close behind the bed. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Allergy... digging for the answer

Until now, I was still puzzled with what actually caused my allergy.
Worry that the allergy would come again which will definitely blow up my chance to do the FET, i really need to dig for the answer of this allergy. 

Plan A
Staring with Plan A.
I called the Pathlab, a Healthcare Center to ask whether they have blood screening for allergy. The Pathlab staff told me they have various allergy blood test package 
based on the group of allergen pricing from RM50 onwards. (An allergen is the normally harmless substance that causes the allergic reaction). However, to my disappointment, i was told that the machine for allergy blood test is under repairing at the moment 
and they are not sure when the machine will be ok.. sigh. 
Plan A --> Fail !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My FET : Postponement.. ;(

25 March 2011 - Friday
Both of us went out to watch midnight movie at GSC ~ World Invasion - Battle Los Angeles. Movie was quite okay. Lots of actions from the beginning until the end.
When we got home, i noticed that i got a few small and itchy spots on my back.
I quickly rub the spots with Agnesia anticeptic powder. Hopefully the spots will be gone by tomorrow.
At around 2am, while sleeping, i suddenly felt sharp pain when breathing, just like there was some gas stuck inside my lung. I woke up and tried to put some balsam on my chest but the the pain was still there. I also noticed that the itchy spots has spread to my hip. Ermm... oh no.. I might have gotten some allergy reaction... huhuhu. I used to get an allergy reaction before this and my doctor said that the allergy may cause lung or internal organ to swell..
I was so worry that time, thinking that my allergy would have linked to my chest pain ;(.
I woke up my husband and asked him to massage my back. But nothing happen. Then I drink hot Milo, hoping that the gas would go away. But again, the attempt did not work huhuhu. After few hours, managed to continue my sleep, but i slept in a sitting position .. ;(. It was pretty tiring to sleep in this position.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My FET : Monitoring the Ovulation

22 March 2011 - Tuesday (Day 13)
My 1st Day for Ovulation Test ;)
Once i got up from bed at 6.30am, i collected my urine in small container that was provided by the nurse. Then, i dip the Clearblue Ovulation Tester in the urine for 1 minute or so. 
Then i waited for the result... After a few minutes of waiting.. only 1 line is visible. There is a very blurry 2nd line. As per my expectation :)

23 March 2011 - Wednesday (Day 14) 
Just to ensure that i correctly did the Ovulation Test , i googled the Clearblue website and found this demo for using the tester. Very helpful. 
So.. for the 2nd day of my test, i did exactly as per the demo. Result is 2 lines is visible. But the 2nd line is still not as dark as the 1st line (ie the reference line). 
I called the clinic to inform my result. The nurse asked me to repeat again the test next morning. 
Oh ya.. i snapped a photo of the test result so that i can compare the result when i do another test next day. It's actually good to snap the test result because the 2nd line would be gone after a few hours. 
The Reference Line on the right. The 2nd line was a bit blur

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My FET : The 1st Appointment

21 March 2011
Our appointment was scheduled at 10.30am. This time, both of us took a whole day of leave. So, there was no rush to get to the clinic or rush back to the office.
When we reached and entered the clinic.. the clinic staffs greeted me..still remember my name even after a few months ;) . Oh ya.. they also know that it's me who wrote this blog.. hehee.. malu la plak.
Then i looked to the right side of the clinic.. whoow.. the clinic looked different.
The renovation that they did during my last visit was completed.
Now it is more spacious.. i guess twice the size as previous one.. more sitting of course.
And there's another washroom at the end of the clinic.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally.. the decision is made

Yeszaa.. finally the 2nd episode in our ivf diaries is about to begin. 
It's not easy for us to get a good date for the FET.. well not really a good one but it seems to be the best available date for the FET. 
Reasons : 

1. The major milestone for my current IT project would be completed by end March.There are like 2 - 3 new upcoming IT projects this April onwards plus my daily task to do support for SAP system.. Fuhhss (Those who work in IT industry especially do support and implementation of SAP system would understand how tense it is be in this situation)
2. Hubby will be extremely busy with his IT project this coming April
3. We've been holding this FET for too long.. i'm just afraid, the longer we hold it, the less successful it will be.. (i mean.. it's not good to frozen the embryo for too long .. hehe just my assumption)
Whatever it is... hopefully everything will be ok. Amin.  

~ Yours Truly ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another fight with the Urinary Tract Infection

As i becoming older.. now in my mid 30s, i noticed that i easily get infected by unwanted things.
Last time it was vaginal infection.. now, it's the Urinary Tract Infection..huhuhu..
4 years back, i used to suffer a very severe urinary infection. My bladder was in pain most of the time, my urine felt like acid, it was seriously painful to urinate.. and what's more.. i felt the urge to urinate every 3 to 5 minutes...huhu...all medications including antibiotics that was prescribed to me by the doctor at clinics didn't work. So i was referred to the specialist at Subang Jaya Medical Center. The specialist took my blood and did abdominal scan on my bladder. Alhamdullillah.. after few days of medications from the specialist.... i finally recovered from the infection. I was lucky that the infection did not spread to other part of my abdomen.
The whole 2 weeks experience was such a nightmare. Ever since that day, i was always careful and take lots of precaution from getting the urine infection again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fighting with the Candida Vaginitis aka vaginal discharge !!

I noticed that after i started my fertility treatment, especially after i underwent the HSG procedure, i got this new problem.... vaginal discharge. This discharge i'm talking about is not a normal one that usually come out during our fertile period (everybody would be happy when the egg white discharge come out.. would be a good sign to TTC ;) ).
This one is not a normal one...it looks like a white cottage cheese, sometime it turns into yellowish in color.. when it's yellow.. it smell a bit fishy fuhhss weird eh when you smell like a fish.. the bad thing about it, is it usually cause irritation and real bad itchiness or burning in or around the most sensitive area...(know what i mean ;) )..
The discharge looks pretty much similar
like this cottage cheese 
I read from a website..this abnormal discharge is referred as Candida Vaginitis or in layman terms - vaginal yeast infection. I guess this problem is common in most women, it just that the severity of it that differ.
Since then, for like more than 3 years now, i've been fighting to cure this infection.
I would get this infection usually once or twice a week.. sometime it's just very mild one..but if i'm unlucky.. the infection become a bad one..
This discharge is making my daily life somehow feel uncomfortable....so to avoid this uncomfortable feeling, i wear pantiliner each and every day .. especially when i go to work, travelling, out for shopping etc etc.. One good thing about wearing a pantiliner is that it would ensure that i'm always in a clean state. I would change to a new one if the pantyliner got stained by the discharge.
I usually choose a cotton non-scented type of pantyliner.. the scented kinda of pantyliner not suitable for me.. the discharge would be even more when i use it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giuliana & Bill ~ The struggle continue.. 2nd IVF

29 Dec 2010 
Due to my busy schedule to get rid of the extra kilos plus my office works,
I've missed to watch most of the episode of my favorite reality show ~ Giuliana & Bill. 

I was on medical leave on Tuesday, last week due to urinary tract infection.. 
(huhuhu...it was a pretty bad one).
And it was so happen, when i tuned to E! channel, they played a 
marathon episodes of the new season of ~ Giuliana & Bill..yeayy.. 
So managed to catched up with all episodes that i have missed including their second attempt for IVf  (the injections and the egg retrieval)
And i was quite surprised that it will show the season finale of Giuliana & Bill
tomorrow (Wednesday).. 
Oooh.. i should not missed this important episode..
Erm.. then i remembered that me and my hubby has a planned to watch the 
finale of the Suzuki AFF football cup between Malaysia vs Indonesia with my 
hubby's officemate at one of the mamak's restaurant at Putrajaya.. 
Oohh.. now i'm in doubt.. need to choose between the two finale. 
the football match starts from 8pm-10pm.. and the Giuliana & Bill starts at 
10.20pm.. errm,, meaning.. i have like 20 minutes to rush back to home after the 
football match.. hope that the plan work work