Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fighting with the Candida Vaginitis aka vaginal discharge !!

I noticed that after i started my fertility treatment, especially after i underwent the HSG procedure, i got this new problem.... vaginal discharge. This discharge i'm talking about is not a normal one that usually come out during our fertile period (everybody would be happy when the egg white discharge come out.. would be a good sign to TTC ;) ).
This one is not a normal looks like a white cottage cheese, sometime it turns into yellowish in color.. when it's yellow.. it smell a bit fishy fuhhss weird eh when you smell like a fish.. the bad thing about it, is it usually cause irritation and real bad itchiness or burning in or around the most sensitive area...(know what i mean ;) )..
The discharge looks pretty much similar
like this cottage cheese 
I read from a website..this abnormal discharge is referred as Candida Vaginitis or in layman terms - vaginal yeast infection. I guess this problem is common in most women, it just that the severity of it that differ.
Since then, for like more than 3 years now, i've been fighting to cure this infection.
I would get this infection usually once or twice a week.. sometime it's just very mild one..but if i'm unlucky.. the infection become a bad one..
This discharge is making my daily life somehow feel to avoid this uncomfortable feeling, i wear pantiliner each and every day .. especially when i go to work, travelling, out for shopping etc etc.. One good thing about wearing a pantiliner is that it would ensure that i'm always in a clean state. I would change to a new one if the pantyliner got stained by the discharge.
I usually choose a cotton non-scented type of pantyliner.. the scented kinda of pantyliner not suitable for me.. the discharge would be even more when i use it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giuliana & Bill ~ The struggle continue.. 2nd IVF

29 Dec 2010 
Due to my busy schedule to get rid of the extra kilos plus my office works,
I've missed to watch most of the episode of my favorite reality show ~ Giuliana & Bill. 

I was on medical leave on Tuesday, last week due to urinary tract infection.. 
( was a pretty bad one).
And it was so happen, when i tuned to E! channel, they played a 
marathon episodes of the new season of ~ Giuliana & Bill..yeayy.. 
So managed to catched up with all episodes that i have missed including their second attempt for IVf  (the injections and the egg retrieval)
And i was quite surprised that it will show the season finale of Giuliana & Bill
tomorrow (Wednesday).. 
Oooh.. i should not missed this important episode..
Erm.. then i remembered that me and my hubby has a planned to watch the 
finale of the Suzuki AFF football cup between Malaysia vs Indonesia with my 
hubby's officemate at one of the mamak's restaurant at Putrajaya.. 
Oohh.. now i'm in doubt.. need to choose between the two finale. 
the football match starts from 8pm-10pm.. and the Giuliana & Bill starts at 
10.20pm.. errm,, meaning.. i have like 20 minutes to rush back to home after the 
football match.. hope that the plan work work