Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Allergy... digging for the answer

Until now, I was still puzzled with what actually caused my allergy.
Worry that the allergy would come again which will definitely blow up my chance to do the FET, i really need to dig for the answer of this allergy. 

Plan A
Staring with Plan A.
I called the Pathlab, a Healthcare Center to ask whether they have blood screening for allergy. The Pathlab staff told me they have various allergy blood test package 
based on the group of allergen pricing from RM50 onwards. (An allergen is the normally harmless substance that causes the allergic reaction). However, to my disappointment, i was told that the machine for allergy blood test is under repairing at the moment 
and they are not sure when the machine will be ok.. sigh. 
Plan A --> Fail !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My FET : Postponement.. ;(

25 March 2011 - Friday
Both of us went out to watch midnight movie at GSC ~ World Invasion - Battle Los Angeles. Movie was quite okay. Lots of actions from the beginning until the end.
When we got home, i noticed that i got a few small and itchy spots on my back.
I quickly rub the spots with Agnesia anticeptic powder. Hopefully the spots will be gone by tomorrow.
At around 2am, while sleeping, i suddenly felt sharp pain when breathing, just like there was some gas stuck inside my lung. I woke up and tried to put some balsam on my chest but the the pain was still there. I also noticed that the itchy spots has spread to my hip. Ermm... oh no.. I might have gotten some allergy reaction... huhuhu. I used to get an allergy reaction before this and my doctor said that the allergy may cause lung or internal organ to swell..
I was so worry that time, thinking that my allergy would have linked to my chest pain ;(.
I woke up my husband and asked him to massage my back. But nothing happen. Then I drink hot Milo, hoping that the gas would go away. But again, the attempt did not work huhuhu. After few hours, managed to continue my sleep, but i slept in a sitting position .. ;(. It was pretty tiring to sleep in this position.