Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting rid those extra kilos - Choosing the right Gym

I did some survey of where will i would start my battle of getting rid of my extra kilos..
After i made a survey over the net, i did a short list of all the gyms or fitness center which meet my basic requirements:
1. Offer a good fee.. i mean.. cheap one of course
2. Near to my house so that it would be easier for me to go 3 times a week.
3. Have treadmills, elliptical and bycle

So here are my shortlisted fitness center:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gearing up for the next milestone

It has been more than a month after my first IVF journey ended.
Now, i'm totally back on my feet... life goes on as normal.....
both of us as usual busy with our busy life with tonnes of office works during our weekdays..
It has been quite sometime i has not updated anything in my blog.
I do sometime did a peek on my my journey....recapped what i've been through.. and seriously.. it was all felt like a dream.. :)
I also did  the routine of checking the statistics of visitors, reading and replying some of the comments from my dear visitors. It was my personal satisfaction and it really does makes me happy to see my blog stats keep on increasing each and everyday..
knowing that i actually have the virtual supports from all around the world ;)
After a very busy works at the office for the past few weeks, finally today, i have the time to update a bit of my journey.

Eversince the end of my first IVF journey, i did some preparation for our next move..the Frozen Embryo Transfer (It seems that i did lots of preparation in my IVF treatment):

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giuliana & Bill ~ The celebrity couple struggling with infertility

I love to watch the Giuliana & Bill ~ reality tv show, every Wednesday nite via E! channel.
Giuliana is the E! News host and her hubby, Bill Rancic, I guess... who has watched the first season of The Apprentice (Donald Trump's reality tv show) would have remember him. He's the first apprentice hired by Trump via the show. Giuliana and Bill have been happily married for 3 years now.

This lovely couple has been struggled to conceive for the past few years.
They did IUI once but the attempt was fail. Recently, they take a bigger step to do the IVF.
Their IVF result was positive.. but sadly after 8 weeks, the baby didn't grow well.. and the doctor said that they had a miscarriage.. sigh.. really feel sorry for them.
According the their doctor, the miscarriage was due to chromosomal issue (which was
the same thing as what our doctor told us when our ivf failed..)
What i like about this reality show is it that despite their sadness for loosing their baby,
their love for each other become stronger and they keep on doing lots of happy things together to keep their life cherished.
Watching this reality show reminds me a lot of what we have gone through in our journey.. the struggle..
the joy as well as the frustration.
For them.. they might not have any problem with money to fund their fertility treatment but they might need to endure such great pressure from their fans.. reporters.. paparazi.. who keep on chasing them.. asking them about their TTC..
But for us.. or lots of people.. money would be the biggest hinderer in seeking for the fertility treatment as well as some pressure from family..friends and people around us..
Whatever it is....hope that this couple would eventually blessed with beautiful baby ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Appointment ~ Looking for the answer

30 October 2010
A week after our end-of-first ivf journey, we had our appointment with Dr Prashant.
Our mission for today was to look for the answer for our failed ivf and moving forward plan for our Frozen Embryo Transfer. 
Unlike our previous appointment, this time we were not the first patient. By the time we reached the clinic at around 10.30 am, the sofas were almost fully occupied. We're lucky because there were 2 more vacant seats left for the two of us. While waiting for our turn, i just sat there, did a quick browsing of the Elle magazine. There was this one time, i overheard the telephone conversion between the nurse with a patient.
At the end of conversion, the nurse sounded so excited and congratulate the patient for the positive urine pregnancy test. I guess the patient might have done the IUI or FET.. Errmm.. suddenly i felt a bit jealous for her positive result....sigh..anyway.. i hope that the lady will make it until 9 months and get a beautiful healthy baby ;|

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Aunt Flow came at last

22 October 2010
It has been 4 days since the day i did my beta blood test and stop all the medications.
The side effects from the medication has gone by now..and surprisingly.. all my premenstrual symptoms has gone too..
until today.. my Aunt Flow has not come yet.. and there seems no signs of it coming...
Ermmm ... it just make me wonder.. 
when will my period come..
or.. is the medication making my period haywire already
or.. is my beta blood test result shows false result that it could be positive, which is why my
period has not come until now..
So many "wondering" questions keep playing in my mind....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to reality

22 October 2010 
After the 3 weeks of long leave.... i finally came back to reality.
I purposely ended my leave and started to work on Friday...
just to jump-start a bit my brain for the tonnes of my outstanding office work and projects.
Then let my brain rest again for 2 days over the weekend.. before the real work (or headache) start on Monday.. ahaa.. isn't it a brilliant idea   ;)

When i reached my office that morning.. as early as 7.40 am (my office hour start at 8am), 
i slowly walked to my place.. my eyes was looking around.. it was so quite.. most of my friends were not in the office yet.. 
then suddenly.. there was this weird feeling.. everything felt and look so normal.. like there's nothing happen.. it felt as if my ivf journey was just a dream....ermm....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surviving the Melancholia

19 October 2010
That night, my husband took me out for dinner at the Bangi Kopitiam.
Both of us just sat there..enjoyed our dinner.. listened to the 80's music which reminds us of our schooldays...
happily chit chat about so many things .. but neither of us uttered any word about the result..
maybe we just don't feel like taking about it
or.. maybe both of us can already accept it...
whatever it is, it was quite a good dinner since i've been home-quarantined for quite sometime.. ;P

Monday, November 1, 2010

My IVF : The Moment of Truth

19 October 2010

Couldn't have a good sleep that night. I was like awoke every 2 hours. Tried not to think so much of the result, but it seems to be automatically popped out of my mind.

Today i wore my pink flowery cotton blouse with my khakis skirt (not able to wear my jeans due to my bulging tummy.. hehe), i put on some make-ups.. just want to look nice for our Big Day..
Had our fav breakfast.. half boiled eggs and hot Milo.. watered our plants.. i took a picture of our beautifully bloomed purple morning glory flower.... 
Dunno why.. my feeling that morning.. calm and happy .... lalalalala   :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My IVF: 2WW.. what if it Positive? or what if it is Negative?

18 October
My 2WW period was almost at the end. I just can't help myself to think of these 2 questions , "What if  the result is Positive? or what if the result is Negative?".  So i did a compilation a list of things to do if the result is a BFP (Big Fat Positive) or turn out to be a BFN (Big Fat Negative). I guess it would be good as a mental theraphy or a preparation for me for the my beta blood test result tomorrow.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My IVF: 2WW.. is it the signs or is it just the side effects

During my 2ww, one of my fav thing that i like to google is the "day post transfer signs and symptoms" experienced by those who did IVF. Then i like to compare my symptoms with their symptoms.. if i have the same symptoms with those who got a positive result... then it makes me smile.. thinking that my symptoms would indicate that my result could be BFP (Big Fat Positive) too and i could possibly be pregnant. 
But if my symptoms same as those who got a BFN (Big Fat Negative) result.. it makes me ermmm.. kinda loosing hope.. a bit  ;(.
Whatever it is .. i'm sure lots of you also did this same thing during your 2ww, right.. ;)
Eventhough i really enjoy my 2ww, surviving this period of time is very challenging...i try not to think about the signs, but i can't just get it out of my head & everything keeps remind me of it..... fuhhss. One day, when doing a searching over the net, i was so happen to found this phrase in one of the IVF website ~ 
"If you're taking progesterone, it can mimic pregnancy symptoms or it can also make you feel like your period is on its way."
Ohh... ermm ok.. then i tell myself, ..."i really need to ignore all those signs and just enjoy my 2ww.. yeahhh"
Anyway, since the "day post transfer signs and symptoms" during the 2ww seems to be a favorite things to be read by all IVFers.., i guess, i just share all my signs or symptoms here
(Note: Day Post Transfer here means day after the embryo transfer)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My IVF: 2WW.. appointment & additional medication

11 October 2010 
5 days after the embryo transfer, we have another appointment. My doctor basically did a scan on my tummy to see whether my uterus is in good condition. For this scan, i also need to be in full bladder..again.. Alhamdullillah, it seems that the uterus size, the uterine lining.. ...looks okay and would be ideal for the implantation of the embryos.. yeayy.. was so happy to hear it from the doctor. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My IVF: Enjoying the 2 Weeks Waiting...

8 - 18 October 2010
My 2 Weeks Waiting (2WW) now begins. I took 2 weeks of annual leave so that i can have a really good rest and of course enjoy my 2WW. Don't want to burden myself with tonnes of office work. I've planned loads and various of things to be done during this time so that i won't be bored. Here are some of the stuffs i did :
1. Watch tv
I guess this is a must for everybody, right. A month before i started my treatment, i've added the Astro Movie package (on top of my Variety, Sports, Education package) so that i would have more choice of channel to watch.
 2. Blogging
It seems that blogging really makes the time flies quickly ;). And one good thing about blogging is it helps me to polish my "rusted" English.. hehe

Monday, October 25, 2010

My IVF : The Embryo Transfer Day

7 October 2010
It was our Big Day...
Alhamdullillah... thanks to God... my heartburn was a bit better...however still having some mild pain. At least my condition was better than last night.
Just like the Egg Retrieval, after i had my shower, i just put my clothes on.. no make-up, perfume etc.....same goes to my hubby. We had some light breakfast at home. I drink 2 glasses of water..need to ensure i was in full bladder when i reached the clinic for the procedure.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My IVF : While waiting for Embryo Transfer Day

5 October 2010
The strong pain was still there. However i was able to walk but a few steps only.
Since my husband was working. ..i was on my own that day. Whenever i need to go to the bathroom, i would use my "wheelchair" and push it myself using my feet.
Yesterday, i've started the Utrogestan... 2 tablets to be inserted into vagina. Before i did the insertion, i always ensure that i washed my hand with antibacteria soap, i lie on the bed, then insert the tablet one by one into my vagina using my middle finger as deep as i can (managed to do it half of my finger only)... I lie on the bed for an hour while enjoying tv... afraid if i immediately stand up / walk, the tablets would slip out my vagina.. hehe..actually, once the tablets are in,, it would not slip out.. i did a testing on this once ;) ). Also started to take the Duphaston. This one would be easy because i just need to take it orally and the tablet is very small.. In the afternoon, my husband would come back home and brought my lunch... luckily his office just 15km from home.

Useful tip: The white cream (look like cream cheese) from the Utrogestan sometime slip out of vagina. So always wear a pantyliner so that you will feel more comfortable  
The medications taken after the Egg Retrieval. We were also given
some instruction and reminder of what to to after the Egg Retrieval and
prior to the Embryo Transfer procedure.
The Utrogestan tablets 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My IVF : The Egg Retrieval

2 September 2010
Sharp at 9pm, my husband injected the Ovidrel 250 ug on my tummy. To ensure that we don't forget this last injection..which must be taken sharp at 9pm.. we set our phone alarm to remind us of this very important task. 
3 September 2010
Started the antibiotics Zinnat, one in the morning, and then one at night. 
As per the instruction given by the doctor, i stop taking any food and liquid starting midnight. Pack a few things to be brought to the clinic for the egg retrieval tomorrow.. some food, milk drinks, sanitary pad (in case there's bleeding after the procedure), small towel etc... iron my t-shirt and my "special" pant.. take of my jewelery.. and do some other stuffs so that we wont be late for our important day tomorrow 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My IVF : Preparation for Egg Retrieval Day

Here are some of the things i've done as part of my preparation for the Egg Retrieval day:
1. Cut short my hair
    My hair was quite long and very thick. Since the egg retrieval will be done in
   OT (Operation Theater), i'm sure i need to wear OT attire with the OT cap, so i'm not 
   sure whether they allow hair band to tie the hair.. so.. to make life easier.. i just cut my
   hair short.. And believe it or not, i did my DIY haircut in just less than 5 minutes.. hehe. 
   Very lazy to go the hair saloon.. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My IVF : The injections

Below is the summary of all injections/medications that i've taken during my first stage of IVF until the egg retrieval day. Please bear in mind, different people might be given different medications and dosage.
Why different.. i'm also not sure.. you may ask this question when you visit your IVF doctor. and if you have the answer.. do share it with us (post your comment ya) ;P
21.09.2010   *Appointment
10am - Orgalutran 0.25mg (Done by the nurse at clinic)
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
24.09.2010   *Appointment
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
10 am - Menonys 150 iu + Folliova 150 iu (Done by the nurse at clinic)
25 - 28.09.2010 
9pm - Menonys 150 iu + Folliova 150 iu
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
9pm - Menonys 150 iu + Folliova 150 iu
30.09.2010  *Appointment
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
9pm - Menonys 75 iu + Folliova 75 iu
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
9pm - Menonys 75 iu + Folliova 75 iu
02.10.2010  *Appointment
6.45am - Orgalutran 0.25mg
9pm sharp - Ovidrel 250 ug
Start antibiotic Zinnat for 4 days 1 tablet twice daily 
Here's the proof.
Some of the injections

Monday, October 18, 2010

My IVF : Stage 1 - Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring

24 September 2010
As usual, we were the first patient of the day ;P. Like to have the early morning appointment so that i'm able to get back to my office before 12pm so that no need to that a full day leave (My office have this rule that if we go for a specialist appointment, we must be at office before 12pm else we have to apply for a full day leave).
The first thing we did when we see Dr Prasant was to tell him that i was having fever, flu and cough. Then i show him all the medications prescribed to me. After checking all the medications.. he said "Yes you can take all these". He then added that cough and flu are not a problem for IVF treatment, but high fever may have some effects on the treatment. So he said i need keep the temperature low. Oh. ok..
After that, he did the transviganal scan, there were about 8 follicles detected. I'm on track, he said. So i can now start my ovarian stimulation injections starting today until 29 Sept ~ 
    1. Menonys 
         - dosage 150 iu 
         - a Gonadotrophin  
    2. Folliova 
         - dosage 150 iu 
         - a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
Both Menonys and Folliova must be mixed into one syringe. Since the preparation and mixing of these 2 items requires more time, the nurse suggested that the injection to be taken at night so that we have ample time for it. We must also do the injection more or less about the same time every night. The nurse demonstrated the mixing steps to us and did the first injection on my tummy. The injection area is about the same as the Orgalutran injection. This time, the injection is a bit painful ;(. She give a very useful tip to reduce the pain when doing the injection - just rub ice cube onto the injection area for 5 minutes so that the area will become numb.  She also write the list of injections, dosage and the date for the injections on a form so that we wont forget to take the injections.
Still need to take Orgalutran injections on the morning of 29 and 30 September 2010.

Useful tip: Rub ice cube 5 minutes onto the injections area to reduce the pain when doing the injection..
In the Menonys box, there will be 2 tiny glass bottles - one is the solution in liquid form,
another one is the Gonadotrophin  ingredient in powder form.

Same as for Foliova, there will be 2 tiny glass bottles - one is the solution in
liquid form, another one is the FSH  ingredient in powder form.

25 September 2010
At 8.30 pm, we started the mixing process of Menonys and Folliova. Since it was our first time, it took us like more than 15 minutes to do the preparation. While waiting my husband do the mixing, i rub the injection area with ice cube. We successfully did the injection and yes the ice really do the trick.. no pain. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My IVF : Got fever, flu and cough... ;(

22 September 2010
I started to have mild fever, cough and flu. It seems that it was a fever season. Few of my officemate got the same sickness. Might be due to the raining and hot weather. Since I've already started my injection, so my assumption is that it also have something to do with the side effects of the injections. So I didn't take any medication. Afraid that the medication could have effect on the injection. So i just consume lots and lots of plain water, hoping that the fever will go away.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My IVF : The treatment begins

19 September 2010
As expected, my period came... since it was Sunday, i just sent a text messages (sms) to Dr Prashant nurse to inform that i've got my period. After a few minutes, she called me and set the appointment on my Day-3 period. First step.. done ;) 

21 September 2010
My first appointment for IVF.... since the appointment is at 9.30am, we had to leave home early to avoid the traffic jam.. (it was a working day and it's peak hours). We kept listening to the traffic info @ HotFM, make a diversion to avoid those jam area.. so that we won't be late for our first appointment. Managed to arrive at the clinic on time. Since i'm the first patient of the day, the nurse straight away asked me to go into the doctor's room. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

My IVF : The 3-months preparation for IVF

Since IVF is very costly, we have done few preparation few months before we start the treatment. Hopefully these preps would boost our chance to get good news for the IVF.
Here is some of the things we have done 3 months prior to the treatment:

1. Vitamins & Supplements
I've explained this in my last post. So no need to re-story the whole thing here ya.

2. Cut down my weight
Fasting month would be just the perfect timing to loose weight. My BMI is almost reaching the max for normal range. I tried to avoid oily  and fatty foods like nasi briyani etc. Cut down my rice intake. Usually i ate half or quarter of normal portion of rice.By end of fasting month, however, i only managed to loose 2-3 kilos only.. sigh. ;( .At this age, it's not really easy to get rid all those fat. It must be the metabolism factor.

3. Reduce intake of caffeine
Everybody should know that one of the thing to do when try to conceive is to reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. I'm a fan of Teh C Tarik or Teh C Ice (it's tea plus sugar and evaporated / fresh milk). Whenever i go to Mamak stall, i will definitely order these drinks. So, in this few months, i really tried hard to avoid my fav drink..huhu..

My IVF : Should i tell my family, friends or my boss?

For me, Yes.. i should. 

1. My Family 
I did tell my family that we are going for IVF treatment so that they would understand that we have put a lot of effort to get pregnant. So they won't keep asking us when are we going to have baby and all that. 
Furthermore, they would also understand that we wont be able to go back to our hometown for this Hari Raya Haji celebration or any other occasions within during the first trimester (if my IVF result is positive ;) ). 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My IVF : First preparation ...vitamins

End of July 2010 ~ Our preparation for IVF now started. We have to look for the vitamins or supplementary that was suggested by our doctor. Went to Guardian pharmacy to look for the vitamins. Luckily the pharmacy was having sale. So managed to get good price for the vitamins. In total we spent roughly RM500 for 3-months stock of these vitamins. 

Here is the picture of the vitamins bought for my hubby. Noticed that Coenzyme Q10 is not in the picture because the empty bottle is already thrown away. 
Out of these vitamins, Coenzyme Q10 is the most expensive one.. nearly RM100 for a month stock. 

Bought myself the Blackmores - Pregnancy Formula.
It contains 400mcg of folic acid, DHA, irons and many other vitamins which is essential for women who is trying to conceive. I did asked my doctor whether i can take this vitamins during my IVF treatment. He said yes.. and it is indeed a very good vitamin ;)

Here is the ingredients of the Pregnancy Formula.

Truly me... jams

My IVF : Second Appointment & the cost

End of July 2010 ~ My second appointment is set on my Day-13. It is important to do a uterus scan during ovulation period to see if there is any sign of polyps. Polyps is as overgrowth of tissue in the lining of the uterus. Large or multiple polyps can cause infertility or increase the risk of miscarriage. Alhamdullillah.. there is no any sign of polyps. 
For the Semen Analysis.. overall result is okay. So, he said we can start our IVF whenever we want. At first we want to start IVF in my next cycle, but after calculating my period and IVF days, it seems the embryo transfer will be done on our first day of fasting month (Ramadan). Means we definitely cannot do our IVF in my next cycle. The doctor then suggested that we start IVF the cycle after raya (which is another 3 months). The doctor suggested for us to start taking the following vitamins as a preparation for the IVF : 
For hubby:
  1. Centrum Multivitamin   - 1 tablet per day (Brand Wyeth)
  2. Vitamin C                         - 500mg per day (Any brand)
  3. Vitamin E                         - 400iu per day (Any brand)
  4. Coenzyme Q10                - 60mg twice per day (Any brand)
For me:
   1. Folic Acid                         - 400mcg or 0.4 mg per day 
After finished our session with the doctor, we went to another room, just next to the doctor's room. Dr Prashant assistant / nurse explained in detail the whole IVF process  and the cost of the IVf at the clinic. The package for IVF was quoted at RM17,000 which includes all injections (no matter what the dosage is), medications, egg retrieval process, embryo transfer and until the beta blood test is done. The cost for frozen embryo and its storage is not included. Payment can be made either by cheque, cash or credit card. For credit card, 2% admin charges will be imposed. If RM17,000, means the interest will be RM340. (This cost is valid as of this post is published)
If we are ready to start IVF, on Day 1 period, we just need to call the clinic/sms her if it is weekend to set appointment on either Day 2 or Day 3 period. We were also given some reading materials of IVF for our reference.. 
So.. total spending for 2nd visit RM140... Ka-ching again !

Sincerely me... jams

My IVF : First Appointment

Our first appointment at KLFertility was sometime in end of July 2010. We brought our referral letter from Dr Hamid Arshat and gave it to Dr.Prashant. Then he did a transviganal ultrasound of my uterus. To do this ultrasound, he will put a lubricant on the transviganal ultrasound scanner (a probe that is few inches long and about 1-2 inches in diameter which have a camera at the end) and then inserted into the vagina. It is not a painful process but you might feel a little bit discomfort. I usually wear either skirt or baju kurung so that it would be easier to have the transviganal ultrasound. The outcome of the ultrasound.. a few follicles big and small can be clearly visualized and my uterus seems to be perfectly normal. Then i was scheduled for another appointment on my Day-13 to see whether i have polyps and do a semen analysis. 
The cost for today's visit is RM200. Our first ...Ka-chingg..!! Just like Shania Twain song ;P

Adios... jams

KLFertility ... our right choice

The Clinic
First, a bit about KLFertility Center. This clinic was located at the 6th floor of Wisma Perintis, which is not so far from Pusat Bandar Damansara. It was quite easy to go to the clinic via Sprint Highway. It took us less than 45 minutes (if no traffic jam) to get to this clinic from our house. Parking is not a problem there. We usually parked at the building basement parking and the clinic will endorsed the parking ticket for a free 2 hours parking. The clinic looks pretty cosy... nice ambiance.. modern concept.. nicely decorated with red sofas, some oils paintings, nice song in the air, indoor plants, nice  view of damansara ;). There are lots of up-to-date magazines to read like female magazine, car magazine etc. Have also newspaper; The Star and Harian Metro. Ahaa.. there's also free wifi.. so you will never get boring while waiting for your turn to see the doctor.
The Doctor
Dr.Prashant Nadkarni.. nice and friendly, can speak fluently in Bahasa Malaysia. So frens, dun worry if you cannot understand or speak english. He will talk and explain all in Bahasa Malaysia. He's tall, smart looking, fair skin.. just like one of the bollywood actors.. hehe. 
The Nurses
There are 3 nurses at the clinic (not included at lab). One malay lady, one chinese lady and one indian lady. Really a 1Malaysia clinic ;). All of them also nice and friendly. 

In short.. nice clinic + nice doctor + nice nurses = right choice for our ivf  ;). 
(The doctor should give me discount for promoting his clinic in this blog..hehe)
For further info of the clinic, you can just go to this website

Just Me... jams

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Understanding the IVF

I found this very good, informative and easy to understand 3D animation of the whole IVF  process in the Youtube. Would like to share this with all of you. Just check it out!

Understanding the IUI

This in another 3D animation on how IUI works. Enjoy the video!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is our story

Back in 1998, me and my hubby studied in the same college & university. In our final year in the university, we finally realized that we were MFEO (ie Made For Each Other).

So.. a few years after graduated, in May 2004, we tied the knot and our journey begins. 
After 3 years of happy marriage, we felt like something is still missing in our life ~ a child. 
So, we searched for information over the net, and we finally decided to seek for advice from a specialist in gynaecology and fertility.  

A touching movie....

I luv this animation movie ~ UP. It is a really touching movie about a loving couple, Carl & Ellie who don't have any child. Nevertheless, they live happily and loving each other till the end. Luv the theme song too !!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The theme song

Yes.. there is a theme song for this blog - Smile by Glee Cast
Love this song so much and the lyrics is so meaningful. 
So, whenever you feel sad or feel like giving up... just hear this song. 
I hope it will cheer up your day. 

 Glee Cast - Smile .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
Smile by Glee Cast

Smile tho' your heart is aching,
Smile Even though it's breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky- You'll get by,
If you Smile through your pain and sorrow,
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through- For you.

Light up your face with gladness,
Hide ev'ry trace of sadness,
Altho' a tear may be ever so near,
That's the time (thats the time) you must keep on trying,
Smile- What's the use of crying,
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you just smile.

Ohhh Oooh  Yeah

That's the time (thats the time) you must keep on trying,
Smile- What's the use of crying,
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you just smile.

Smile tho' your heart is aching,
Smile Even though it's breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky- You'll get by,

That's the time (thats the time) you must keep on trying,
Smile- What's the use of crying,
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you just
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you just smile.
Enjoy... jams

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Share your stories

If you have any story, story on the treatment you have done ..iui.. ivf.. or traditional treatment..or if you haven't started any treatment but you are facing infertility problems.. you are most welcome to share it with all the couples out there in this blog.  

Your story can be short or long, can be in English or BM or bahasa campur pun boleh ;). 
Just send in your story to me @ Please also state your nickname which to be appear in the blog. The title of your story will be something like this 
                                Story by <your nickname> : First IVF

This blog.. at a glance

OK.. lets talk about this blog. 
The purpose i created this blog, is because i want to share my experience in my fertility treatment especially on IVF. For your info, I 've been married for about 6 1/2 years. Never once get pregnant huhu.. Nevertheless,  we are blessed with happy marriage. 
When i browse various forums and blogs, it seems that there are so many couples out there are having the same problem as we are facing now.. Infertility. 
So.. hopefully with this blog, i can share whatever experience and knowledge i have with all these couples. And i really hope whoever have any experience or story.. they can share it here. And most importantly, i hope that this blog would give inspiration to all couples out there... to tell you that .." YOU ARE NOT ALONE" . 
 Luv... jams

10.10.10... marks the beginning

I do sometime read people's blog. But somehow i just could not understand why people are  so 
much into this blogging thing. 
When i woke up at 5am this morning, could not really have a good sleep for the past few days.. might be due to the side effects from the IVF treatment medications, 

i just lying there.. thinking back all the ups and downs of my journey.... well our journey of course (me and hubby). The journey in search of hope to fill up our life with cry & laughter of the little ones.  
Then it came to my mind.. " Errmmm..why not i just share my journey with all couples out there. Couple who are having the same infertility problem as we are. Who knows this journey would give them inspiration, encouragement and guidance.. or maybe they can also share their journey". 
From that moment I finally understand the reason why people do blogging. Simply because they want to share their experience, their thought and their memories ;) . 
So today, 10.10.10 marks the start of my blog. I simply choose this date because it would be easier for me to remember the date this blog is created. 
And the title of my blog.. "My IVF Diaries".. ahaa.. just like the title of my fav tv series "My Vampire Diaries" ;P 
      Simply me... jams