Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My FET : No luck again this time

22 April 2011 - Friday (Day 15)
Once i got up from bed in the morning, i did the Ovulation Test as per doctor's instruction.
After a few minutes, a blur line came out. So, it's a negative ;(

23 April 2011 - Saturday (Day 16)
Again, first thing in the morning, i did the test. (Oh ya, i set a reminder every morning to ensure that i don't forget to do the test ;).. the older i become, the more difficult to remember so many thing eh).
This time, i anxiously waited for the result..why?? last cycle, on Day 16, i got the clear 2 lines. So, i'm expecting i would get the same result. 1 minute...2 minute... 3 minute.... the line still blur.. Ohh..
I waited for 15 minutes.. it seems hopeless.. ;(.
I guess i'm not be getting the clear line this time.
Meaning, i need to go to the clinic to do another scanning.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My FET : The 1st Appointment again

19 April 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 12 

Same as last month, my appointment was set on Day 12, which is on 19 April 2011. 
Since the appointment was at 10am, both of us did not take annual leave, just a time slip.(jimat cuti..hehe). As usual, Dr.P scanned my uterus. Unlike me previous scanning, this time it was a bit different. 
Why ?? This time, to my surprise, when i was lying on the bed, waiting for the doctor to start the scanning, i heard Dr.P was talking to somebody..telling that person to stand close behind the bed.