Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My FET : Monitoring the Ovulation

22 March 2011 - Tuesday (Day 13)
My 1st Day for Ovulation Test ;)
Once i got up from bed at 6.30am, i collected my urine in small container that was provided by the nurse. Then, i dip the Clearblue Ovulation Tester in the urine for 1 minute or so. 
Then i waited for the result... After a few minutes of waiting.. only 1 line is visible. There is a very blurry 2nd line. As per my expectation :)

23 March 2011 - Wednesday (Day 14) 
Just to ensure that i correctly did the Ovulation Test , i googled the Clearblue website and found this demo for using the tester. Very helpful. 
So.. for the 2nd day of my test, i did exactly as per the demo. Result is 2 lines is visible. But the 2nd line is still not as dark as the 1st line (ie the reference line). 
I called the clinic to inform my result. The nurse asked me to repeat again the test next morning. 
Oh ya.. i snapped a photo of the test result so that i can compare the result when i do another test next day. It's actually good to snap the test result because the 2nd line would be gone after a few hours. 
The Reference Line on the right. The 2nd line was a bit blur

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My FET : The 1st Appointment

21 March 2011
Our appointment was scheduled at 10.30am. This time, both of us took a whole day of leave. So, there was no rush to get to the clinic or rush back to the office.
When we reached and entered the clinic.. the clinic staffs greeted me..still remember my name even after a few months ;) . Oh ya.. they also know that it's me who wrote this blog.. hehee.. malu la plak.
Then i looked to the right side of the clinic.. whoow.. the clinic looked different.
The renovation that they did during my last visit was completed.
Now it is more spacious.. i guess twice the size as previous one.. more sitting of course.
And there's another washroom at the end of the clinic.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally.. the decision is made

Yeszaa.. finally the 2nd episode in our ivf diaries is about to begin. 
It's not easy for us to get a good date for the FET.. well not really a good one but it seems to be the best available date for the FET. 
Reasons : 

1. The major milestone for my current IT project would be completed by end March.There are like 2 - 3 new upcoming IT projects this April onwards plus my daily task to do support for SAP system.. Fuhhss (Those who work in IT industry especially do support and implementation of SAP system would understand how tense it is be in this situation)
2. Hubby will be extremely busy with his IT project this coming April
3. We've been holding this FET for too long.. i'm just afraid, the longer we hold it, the less successful it will be.. (i mean.. it's not good to frozen the embryo for too long .. hehe just my assumption)
Whatever it is... hopefully everything will be ok. Amin.  

~ Yours Truly ~