Thursday, October 21, 2010

My IVF : The Egg Retrieval

2 September 2010
Sharp at 9pm, my husband injected the Ovidrel 250 ug on my tummy. To ensure that we don't forget this last injection..which must be taken sharp at 9pm.. we set our phone alarm to remind us of this very important task. 
3 September 2010
Started the antibiotics Zinnat, one in the morning, and then one at night. 
As per the instruction given by the doctor, i stop taking any food and liquid starting midnight. Pack a few things to be brought to the clinic for the egg retrieval tomorrow.. some food, milk drinks, sanitary pad (in case there's bleeding after the procedure), small towel etc... iron my t-shirt and my "special" pant.. take of my jewelery.. and do some other stuffs so that we wont be late for our important day tomorrow 

4 September 2010 
I couldn't have a good sleep last night... maybe i kept thinking of the egg retrieval procedure. I woke up at 6am..... took my shower....the shower was a bit longer than usual.. just to ensure that all the body shower residue is cleared from my skin.. After shower.. straight away put my clothes on.. no deodorant, no body powder, no moisturizer, no face powder....basically just the clothes. That's the most important rule for the egg retrieval ya..maybe the foreign molecules from these things or its odor can have some bad effect on the eggs when it is being retrieved and transfered into the container.. i guess so.
Same goes to my husband.. except that he can still wear his contact lens.. (since the husband also need to produce the semen.. he also cannot wear all those things..another assumption ;) ).

At 7am, we departed from our house.. we thought the traffic will be ok early in the morning. But somehow, when we reached KL city at around 7.30am, the traffic was pretty bad. I was so panicked that we won't be able to get to the clinics at 8am. 
We reached our destination at 8.05 am.. just 5 minutes late..pheww.. immediately went to the KLSport Medical Center Registration & Administration counter at the 5th floor. After the registration, we were taken to another floor where we were admitted at one of the room there. The single bedded room was pretty big, cosy and comfortable. The toilet was spacious. It's just like a 5-star hotel room !
If you are wondering how the room look like.... you can go to this website . It's either the single executive / deluxe.. the pics looks the same. Anyway..i'm not sure whether all Dr Prashant patient did get  this same room when they did the egg retrieval.. 
(Worth paying the RM17000, right). 
After a while an anesthetics doctor came to our room explaining the anesthetics process. 
He asked me some questions on my general health, any allergy to any medications and many others. Then we were asked to sign a consent letter that basically says that we understood the anesthetics procedure and its consequences.. Later, Dr Prashant came to see us. Explained briefly on the egg retrieval procedure. Then he left. 
At around 9am.. the nurse asked me to remove all my clothes including undergarments and change to the OT clothes. Before i was taken to the OT (Operation Theater), the nurse asked me to pass urine.. need to ensure that my bladder is empty. A lady doctor came to my room, asked me to lie on the bed, put on my OT cap.. and then she push the wheeled bed to the OT, which was at the same floor. 
There were like 10 people in the OT room.. wow.. 
I guess.. 1 was Dr Prashant, 1 was Dr Prashant nurse, 1 or 2 embryologist. 
Then the were anesthetics doctor with his assistant.. the rest might be the OT room staff. 
My heart started to pounding fast at that time.. dup dap..dup dap.. 
The anesthetics doctor inserted a needle and put a plastic wire on my left hand.. it was pretty 
painful.. there was this guy, he put a clip on my thumb.. then a few wire on my body and plastic cover on my mouth ( i think it was the oxygen mask).. 
Then the anesthetics doctor said to me, "OK.. i'm going to insert the anesthetics now. You will feel a bit pain at your head.". When he started to insert the anesthetics, my head felt something like a numb pain, hard to explain. Then.. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz... :)
I guess the procedure took about 1/2 hours.. meanwhile waiting for the procedure, my husband has his own mission.... to produce semen and give it to the clinic. Easy task eh ;P. 

I was so deeply in a dream.. (seriously no pain at all.. ). Suddenly, somebody called my name. I slowly opened my eyes.. still sleepy.. my vision was a bit blurry.. but i can recognized the anesthetics doctor. He asked me few questions," Can you hear me.. Do you feel like vomitting.. are you ok?"... I answered," OK. No feel like vomitting. A bit pain". Then i blacked out again.. continue my sweet dream..hehe
30 minutes later.. i started to feel hungry. Remember that i've not eaten anything since last night.. then i said to myself, ooh..i need to get up and eat something.. else i will get my gastric. I forced my eyes to open.. and called my husband who was seating at the sofas next to my bed.. told him that i'm hungry.. he informed the nurse, but the nurse only allow me to drink plain water first to avoid vomiting.. oo ok...
15 minutes later.. the nurse brought me my pre-ordered breakfast which i've chosen from menu given to me before i went to the OT room for the egg retrieval.... my breakfast for today: scramble egg, baked beans, 2 slices of bread, chicken sosej and hot milo....yum yum... while i was enjoying my food.. i suddenly feel strong pain on my tummy.... i stopped eating.. suddenly lost my appetite.. asked my husband to finish all food... then i get back to sleep again.. 
At almost 12pm, the nurse came to my bed, remove the tagging around my wrist (the tag which have my name on it) and told me that i can discharged and go to see Dr Prashant at upper floor.Then I went to the bathroom... have light vaginal bleeding from the procedure..  After discharged from the ward, we went to the upper floor. 
At the clinic, we went to see Dr Prashant & his nurse. He told me.. you got 15 eggs ! Even the medium follicles also have eggs. Oooo ok.. i was thinking i can get only 8 eggs based on my last scan.. Alhamdullillah.. He said that since there were quite a lot of eggs retrieved.. i might be having strong pain at lower abdomen later.. i can take paracetamol to ease the pain. 
He then explained that the Embryo Transfer procedure is scheduled on 7 Oct 2010 (In 3 days time) at 11am. The nurse continue to explain in details on few matters :
1. What are the things to be done next
     - continue the antibiotics Zinnat 
     - start Duphaston tomorrow, one morning and one at night 
     - Start Utrogestan tonight. 2 tablets to be inserted into vagina in the morning, 
        afternoon and night 
     - Take Dostinex starting tonight. One tablet for 3 nights
2. What should i do before i come for Embryo Transfer procedure
     - must come to clinic with FULL BLADDER 
     - no make-up, powder, perfume etc.. same rule as the egg retrieval procedure
3. Other things 
     - to avoid spicy and oily food that would upset the stomach 
     - no heavy exercise for 2 weeks while waiting the pregnancy test 
We did our final payment for the IVF package - RM5000 by cash. Before this, we've paid 
RM3000 cash every time we came to the clinics for appointments.  KA CHINGGG!!!! Payment completed.. what a relief.. 
Our journey back home was such a nightmare for me. Every time the car hit a bump.. or uneven road.. it caused my lower abdomen to be very painful.. Arrgghh. 
When reached home, i can't hardly walk so my husband got this brilliant idea.. he took his IKEA office chair which has wheels.. then asked me to sit on it.. then he push the chair .. so that i dont have to walk.. ;). 

<---- My "wheelchair".. hehe

Pheww, what a long day... jams


  1. wow good...retrieved 15 eggs...My case is, while scanning, saw 8, but while retrieved, it only got 5 eggs. :'(....I'm so sad when i heard that..


  2. hi LittleLittle..
    Dont be sad.. lots of egg doesn't mean all good quality.. eventhough i got 15 eggs.. but only 6 got fertilised with good quality.. and even though 2 was transferred.. my iv still not succeed..
    Maybe the 5 you got are all good quality ;).

    So, what's your progress? How many got fertilised? I guess you now in your 2WW .. do enjoy it and take a good care of yourself ya ;)

  3. dear jams,

    just wanna know that in the OT, before you were given the anesthetic drug, you just had to lie down flat on the OT bed, with legs together - like in a normal sleeping position ? meaning no need to open up legs like during the embryo transfer process?

    thank you. :)


  4. Dear Angel..
    Yes, before the doctor gave me the anesthetic, i just lie on my back on the OT bed.. just like the normal sleeping position. Maybe after i blacked-out, they open-up my legs like in baby delivery procedure.
    The next thing, when i opened my eyes, i was already in my room. ;)

  5. Dear jams,

    oic......thank you.
    you are so helpful in sharing with all of us here.....pray that your frozen embryo tranpslant will be a success next year. doing it in feb next year,right ? :)


  6. Hi Angel..
    thanks for your prayer ;)

    Initially, i was thinking to do the FET in my Feb cycle.. then i changed my mind to Jan.. now, when i think again about it.. i'm not sure when i'm going to do the FET.. i'm just not ready yet for the FET. Need to reduce my body weight first before going for the FET ;)

  7. dear jams,

    yes...we must be mentally prepared also for going through the whole process. like guiliana said, her body was like a piece of meat - undergoing all the lab procedures and doctor's intervention; that she herself can't identify herself anymore / feel like herself.

    the things we have to go has to be worth it, right , at the end ?


  8. angel.
    yup.. after all the pain, effort and waiting, it was worth it even though the result was not as expected. If so happen that we are meant to be "just the two of us", at least i know that i have done all my best ;).


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