Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Shocking news.. Giuliana Rancic and Breast Cancer

When i was browsing through some headlines in the online new today, my eyes stopped at the shocking latest news on Giuliana Rancic (The Star - Giuliana). She was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer!
She and hubby planned to go for the 3rd IVF when her doctor insisted her to do mammogram prior to the IVF treatment. She did and that's when she found out that she has breast cancer ;(

At this point, i can feel her sadness because my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer too. My mum was at level 2 and passed away 2 years after her first diagnose. ;(

I hope that Giuliana will have the courage to go through the cancer treatment. With lots of support and love from her hubby, family, frens and fans, i'm sure she will survive thru it and get cured from cancer ;).

Managed to find some youtube on this.

Well, there was lotsa debate on Guiliana's IVF treatment relations to breast cancer. Some said that the IVF treatment may have cause the cancer.
My say ..erm.. nowadays there are soo many things that can cause cancer.. In Giuliana case, maybe it's just a coincidence that she did IVF and got cancer.
Here are some article from the net on this.

For those who are looking forward to do IVF, is currently doing IVF..or have done IVF.. i hope this news will not put a stop for trying to conceive.

Chiow... jams


  1. hi Jams, I came across this news whilst searching for her IVF3 results. Because apparently their current season end's with them going to see Dr for 3rd IVF. OMG I was shocked and also wanted to share their story in my blog.

    Her lumps are removed now, so after radio therapy i think she will be good to go ahead with IVF. her eggs are retrieved already.

    so what do u think? should we go ahead and do mammogram to check our selves. mammogram has radiation, so we are exposing ourselves to radiation if we do it. What are your thoughts?

    I'm very sad Giuliana has to go through so much. I don't know why life is so much of a struggle to some of us.....sigh..... I hope and pray they will succeed and have a happy family one day.


  2. Oh my! Feel sorry for her but admire her strength. Thanks for sharing Jams :)

  3. thanx for sharing jams...
    i hope she is strong enough...
    and i hope we are too!

  4. Hi,

    I think everybody should go ahead with the mammogram, and in fact pap smear too.
    Early detection is the best way to deal with cancer. Even though there is no family history of cancer, everybody still have the risk of getting it.

    Found this deal at groupon on mammogram. Erm..thinking of buying one ;)

    Anyway, my personal opinion .. Giuliana should take a rest first after her radiotheraphy before proceed with IVF. Just let the body heal first ;)
    From the youtube video, she looks calm and though. I believe she can go thru it ;)

  5. Wannabe mom,
    Any scan/x-tray including mammogram has radiation. In fact computer and cellphone emit radiation too. I believe the radiation is within the permitted readings.
    But i also have this kinda theory.. if soo many thing around us emits radiation, the superposition of the wavelength would create a bigger wave....which i think is bad for our health.

    To understand this, you may refer to this website:

    Haha.. i sounded like a Physics teacher plak ;)

  6. Salam Jams, happy to see a new post from you, although it's sad to read the news on Giulianna. I'm sorry to hear about ur mom.

    I just want to share, Premium Beautiful foundation lingerie is not a magic suit, but we have testimonials from those who are in the early stages of breast cancer as it is supposed to detect and protect. If you haven't already tried one, give it a chance.

  7. heyy jams, i finally created my own blog.. after reading urs. hehehe..

    -greener pastures-

  8. hi, i just found your blog today, i read every post..now its already 2012, so i don't know..cant help to wonder..do you have a child now..
    anyway thank you for all the info shared in this blog, very helpful..

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