Sunday, July 3, 2011

My FET : The "Pampering" 2 WW

22 June - 3 July 2011's pampering time again.
I took like 7 days of leave, which makes to 9 days of relaxing at home
...and the best part of it is
my hubby will be at home with me too for my 2 WW.
Well, actually my hubby got new job. So he needs to finish the balance of leave before he starts the new job. What a coincidence ;)
After the FET, Dr.P reminded me of loads to "Do and Don't't" for the 2 WW. I managed to wrote down some of them in my iPad so that i wont forgot what he said.

<-- All Do and Don'ts that i wrote using a stylus on my
       iPad. Such an ugly handwriting..hehe...


Below are the Do and the Don'ts translated from the above ugly handwriting of mine ;)
It must strictly followed until pregnancy test is done ie. until day-12.

1. Folic Acid..Folic Acid every day
2. Eat healthy
3.Take Duphaston twice a day
4. Rest for the next 48 hours

1. Smoke or stay in smoking environment. If someone wants to smoke in the house, ask that person to do it outside the house
2. Reduce caffeine intake like tea or coffee.
3. No alcohol...(hehe of course doc)
4. No sex....hehe ;P
5. No heavy chores or exercise

 I also did my own research on Do and Don'ts with the help from Mr.Google.
Found quite interesting item to be added the list above and facts on why are certain stuffs need to be avoided during the 2WW

1. To reduce caffeine
    - According to some website, caffeine may increase risk of fetal growth restriction.
      Woww.. If that is the case, i decided to totally avoid myself from consuming any
      caffeine related drinks like tea and coffee. I also found out that cocoa also contained
      caffeine. And to my surprise.. Milo contains cocoa. I'm not sure what amount of caffeine
      in Milo.. might be just a very small percentage..
      but for this 2ww. .. i tried to limit drinking hot Milo.. huhuhu.. my fav drink.

2. To avoid non-pasteurized milk, soft cheeses and blue cheeses
    - These items is said to be related to the risk of listeria infection.Doesn't sounds good eh!
       According to Wikipedia, it said that this infection can cause to early delivery, infection
      of the newborn, and death of the baby.
       So is actually soft cheese? Soft Cheese is cheese that does not get heated during
       production. Cannot find a good  example of soft cheese
       There was this one time, i was thinking of eating Pizza Hut for dinner when i saw the
       picture of the new meatball cheese pizza advert that was posted by my friend in her
       facebook. But when i found about this
       soft cheese..and since there are so many type of cheese used in the pizza, just to be safe,
        i canceled my plan to eat the new pizza huhuhu..
      Good info on soft cheese and its relation to pregnancy:

3. Avoid food containing raw eggs such as mayonnaise and ice cream. ice cream for 2 weeks ;). I guess maybe uncooked food is generally not good
     for pregnancy.

Well there are plenty more things for the Do and Don's for the 2WW.
Do check out this website (scroll to the bottom of the website):

Adios... jams


  1. Jams... macam tulisan doktor :-) Good Luck dear!

  2. Sweet, tulisan doktor yg buruk..hehe..anyway tgh risau amat2 sgt ni psl rase cramp nak period nih..huhu..

  3. Good luck Jam....:)

    ~~Little Little

  4. Good luck Jams. I just started my treatment with Dr. P and ur blog has been a great source of information.

  5. Jams, first time leaving my footprint here. Wishing you a very best of luck. Baby dust to you and hoping it will be a successful!

  6. Good luck dear!!! I hope it would b a Big Fat Positive for u. I'll keep my prayers on for u. - pokaldot-

  7. I am also at my 2ww on my first ivf cycle! Found your blog and started reading it. Good luck! Hope all goes well for us!

  8. sis jams...
    hows progress?update plisss....

  9. Just to update you, my IUI haritu was a BFN :( Very frustrated because everything seemed to be going so well during the cycle. I hope your luck is better! Insya Allah our 2nd attempt next week so another round of shots right now.


  10. Hi frens..the update is still in the making..stilllooking for the right words and sentences and alsomthe right mood to complete the whole things.... ;)

  11. wow.. its indeed a baby dust for u.. am i too early to say "congratulations"... ?? hehehe.. :)

  12. hai...
    any gd news????..hope so...pray for u..
    update please!!!!..hehehe

  13. U must b preggie!! Yeah!!!! Would love to hear ur story. Ur blog seem to b inspiring me. Ur sucess story would Gv joy to me and everyone else out there. I wish u best of luck and I'm really looking forward to hear more in your journey. Hugggss!!

  14. salam...jams mohon nak copy yr information tuk letak kat my blog sebagai panduan 2nd IVF nanti..

  15. Slm.. no problem..;) boleh je nak copy ape2 pun dari blog ni.. anyway.. ape ur blog? free2 bleh i bace ;)


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