Thursday, June 30, 2011

My FET : The almost perfect day...FET Day

22 June 2011 (Wednesday)

"The moment i wake up, before i put on my make-up, i say a little pray for you... "

Who had watched the romantic movie, "My best friend's wedding" would know this very cheerful and
beautiful song. It was my all time favorite movie besides Titanic..hehe.
Well this is nothing to do with me going to anybody's wedding. It's just that the song reminds me how happy i was that day.. my F.E.T day, the almost perfect day. I was so overjoyed thinking of my day to finally be able to do the FET.

That morning, the moment i woke up, i do my prayer..pray to Allah that my FET will be a smooth one, and our effort this time will be blessed and successful.. Amin.
I noticed that my flu, which i had for the past 4 days has also gone this morning.. Amin ;)
Before i do my shower, i had my light breakfast...  hot Milo and Gardenia bread with peanut jam.
I also packed some bread and a bottle of mineral water just in case that i feel hungry later.
After i had my shower, i put on my new knee-length pink polo shirt, wore my fav black pants. Same rule as previous transfer, deodorant, make-up or even lip gloss. Then i put all my important stuffs in my new favorite leather handbag (which i bought from online blog)..;) and last but not fav Skethers Mary-Jane kinda, i seems to wear and bring all my fav stuffs for the FET. Just wanna to be feel and look good or stylish for my FET, just like Guiliana Rancic when she did her FET..haha..ape la punye idea..kekekekeh.
At 10am, we headed to the clinics. This time we go there earlier so that i would have time to
have my bladder full ;). Oh ya.. the weather that day was sooo beautiful.. no haze, a bit cloudy..not so hot day ;)

When i arrived at Wisma Perintis at around 11am, i straight away go to the Ladies at ground floor to empty my bladder. Then, we went to the clinics to check-in. While waiting my turn to do the FET, i slowly drink mineral water. Hopefully i will be able to make my bladder full when i get my turn.
At around 12 noon, we were called by the embryologist to get ourselved prepared for the FET at the other room.

After i've changed to the procedure clothes, i straight away settled myself in the procedure room. The embryologist did a scan on my tummy to check my bladder. It seems i managed to get my bladder full this time eventhough i drink only like 50 ml of water. After waiting for 5-10 minutes (not so sure about the exact time since there is no clock in the room), Dr.P came. He asked whether my husband wants to join me for the FET or not. I said no, it's ok la doc. Actually, i'm not comfortable having my husband together with me during the FET, ...hehhe..those who have gone thru a transfer would understand la kot.
Dr.P then explained that he will transfer 2 embryos, one of which is a very beautiful and good embryos...whhooo...hearing that really make me happy.
Unlike previous transfer, this time it's better because i dont have much problem to hold the urgency to pass my urine. Maybe because last time my ovary was still not fully recovered from the egg retrieval and my tummy was so bloated at that time. After like 10-15 minutes or so, both embryos succussfully placed in the best spot in my womb..yeayy..lega. Fuhhsss
Dr.P then show me the 2 tiny glowing spots on the monitor. He said we cannot really see the embryos. What is shown in the monitor is the fluid surrounding the 2 embryos. Me.. Ooooo..hehe ;)
He then explained all the do and don't after this FET, which is quite a lot for me to digest at that time.
He said that i can do the pregnancy test at home, 12 days post this FET, just using the pregnancy test kit. I will be given Duphaston to be orally taken twice daily...and he keep on stressing that, FOLIC ACID every day..hehe ok doc ;)
After resting for 10 minutes in the procedure room, the embryologist told me that i can pass urine and continue resting in the resting room.

After enjoying the solf-bulky leather recliner in the resting room for 30 minutes or so, i then changed my clothes. We then settled our bill for today.. RM3500, kachingggg.. ;). Was given Duphaston and Folic Acid.

If you noticed that i wrote "The almost perfect day".. it was because everything was sooo
perfect that day except for that before the doctor perform the egg transfer, besides the good news that he will transfer 2 embryos, one of which a very beautiful embryos, he also told me a very sad news...
2 of my frozen embryos didn't survived the thawing process.
So, if this FET also failed, i dont have any more frozen embryos left.. meaning i may need
to start the fresh IVF again next time.. sob sob..
Almost a perfect day isn't it?

My FET is on natural cycle. You may visit this website which explained in details of the FET process:

Lurvv.. jams

Found a picture from someone's blog - pix of embryos inside the uterus after FET is done.
Since i didn't managed to snap a picture of mine after the FET, just want to share this pix. 
It is more or less the same as the one shown by Dr.P after the FET except for mine. i can see 2 glowing dots in the monitor screen. Enjoy !!


  1. Hi Jams,

    It's been wonderful reading your blog and the whole IVF and FET process, esp for those of us who are planning to go down the IVF route too. It's a great source of information. Will keep my fingers and toes cross for that your FET is successful. Lots of Baby Dust to you..

  2. Jams,

    Good to hear you finally did your FET... hope you will be blogging about your good news soon..!! =)
    btw, i did mine at KL Fertility too.. just wondering, how come Dr.P did not show me the the glowing spots?? =(
    i read from your blog, both your IVF and FET also Dr.P actually show u the glowing spots rite?? i dont get to see mine... i will be doing my FET maybe end of this year.... wish you luck..!!!! LOTS AND LOTS of baby dust to you...!!!

  3. Jams... baby dust! I'll pray for you. Insya-Allah semoga murah rezeki :-)

  4. Hey, congrats on your successful FET. I had just came back from my Beta result yesterday.. It was really a heartbreaking moment for us to get to know our sad news for our IVF journey.. We were not as lucky as you guys to have frozen embryos for FET.. I am currently so lost now.. Hopefully I can recover from it soon and to think of our next step... All da best in for your 2WW... :)

  5. Twinkles,
    Really sorry to hear about your IVF result ;(.
    I hope you will gain your strength sooner.
    Dont give up hope as yet....
    And always remember that you are not alone..;)

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    Ermmm..not sure why Dr.P did not show u the glowing spots ie the embryos. Anyway...i updated this posting with the picture of the glowing spots i'm talking about.
    All the best for u too for the FET ;)


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